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What are we?

We are an Instant Buyer of distrained and auctioned properties. Our evaluation is based on a proprietary algorithm that enables procedures for the total redemption of debt to be started within 24 hours

Regain your
on the property market.

We bring you the support you need by canceling all debts incurred on your property, safeguarding the respect and esteem that you deserve.
You will never have to feel indebted to us.



Thanks to the experience of our founders and the projects already realized, Noowe has devised and developed a unique analytical algorithm. The source codes and formula are owned by the same company.


It is based on a combination of artificial intelligence and API, of big data and open big data which carries out the analysis of executive procedure and a thorough valuation of the property with the AVM system (Automated Valuation Model).

A precise, detailed analysis of territorial and geopolitical as well as market factors enables us to assess the feasibility of the operation itself within 24 hours, to put together an adequate closing strategy within 7 days and define closing procedures consisting in the purchase of the property and settling debts, thus freeing the owner from indebtedness within 30 days.


The business is centered on a Protech made up of a company supported by a SPV, a Reoco 7.2, a Reoco 7.1 and an estate agency.

Board of




Managing director


General manager

Gabriele Billitti


Valeria Patelli


Gianluigi Chiaro


Avv. Fausto


Prof. Stefano



Is made up of important Italian academics and representatives of prominent associations in the field of ethics.

Its task is to draw up guidelines that will enable us to determine whether the borrower is worthy of redeeming his social status and whether he is able to maintain the residence that will be bought by the company, integrated in a REOCO 7.2 and by means of a Rent and Buy formula will allow the ex- borrower who is now debt-free, to purchase ownership of the property at an established time while continuing to live there.

The role of this committee will also be to interface with the institutions and write studies and articles to draw attention to the social problem caused by procedures in the housing sector.

of Business

Proptech will develop two lines of business that in turn will be subdivided into the same number of lines for returns.

Purchase of
NPL credits

At the origin of the line of returns coming from the purchase of NPL credits for residential property and the line of returns coming from the purchase of NPL credits for residential building sites.

This line of business continuously applies the model of analysis and purchase of credit lines that must have certain characteristics to be admitted.

  • Building performance
  • Borrower a natural person
  • Agree to residential property
  • Landed property loan
  • Currently no more than three building sites
  • GBV above the value of CTU

The analysis algorithm is able to process up to 700 positions every 24 hours so the passage to scouting at NBO is immediate and enables us to spend more time on a thorough Legal DD in order to give a precise evaluation that is “acceptable” as it is based on the credit trend in time and the guarantees below.

Instant Buyer of
auctioned houses

At the origin of the line of returns coming from the sale of some of the purchased properties and the line of returns from renting the remaining properties.

Thanks to the ownership algorithm, this model enables us to examine the feasibility of conducting a short sale purchase of the property with a notable discount by balancing credits and eliminating all debts incurred in the process, thus freeing the debtor of all creditors, extinguishing the executive procedure by delivering an acquittance that will enable the present owner of the property to be rehabilitated from a credit point of view by being removed from the list of risky clients drawn up by the Banca d’Italia and at SIA.

The process provides for:

  • analysis of the file, evaluation of the property using the ownership algorithm and pre-verification of feasibility
  • negotiation to eliminate all procedural debts
  • payment of all debts and contextual purchase of property, extinction of procedure
  • verification by the Ethical/ Scientific Commission, assessment of a possible Rent to Buy
  • resale of the property on the free market following an operation of real estate renovation


An investment in the core business of over 3 billion in the first 10 years

An investment of 200,000 euros a year in innovative start ups creating and developing products and services that are related and/or useful to the core business


The creators of the business project are interested in sharing the initiative.

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